buzzfeed news, 9 august 2018

Incidents of alleged harassment have virtually disappeared at a London abortion clinic that recently became the first in the UK to impose a “buffer zone.”

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bbc news, 10 april 2018

Ealing councillors unanimously voted to implement a safe zone around the Marie Stopes clinic after women complained of intimidation by protesters.”

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cnn, 11 april 2018

“Sister Supporter, petitioned the council to investigate.... The group gathered  photographs of protesters holding signs reading  'give your baby a present: a birthday.”

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the independent, 11 october 2017

“Following reports that women were being "terrorised" as they entered the Marie Stopes Clinic, Ealing Council voted to pursue a public spaces protection order.”

INDEPENDENT / Read Full Article, 10 april 2018

“ealing Council’s cabinet members have this evening unanimously voted in favour of a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) or so called 'buffer zone' 100 metres around the Marie Stopes abortion clinic on Mattock Lane.”

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broadly, 21 december 2015

“sister supporter, a local grassroots campaign that formed in order to demonstrate against the presence of this anti-choice group outside their clinic. Their members are mostly young, and mostly female.”

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stylist, october 2017

“Ealing council has become the first in the country to officially decide to ban pro-life campaigners from protesting outside of clinics, after more than 3,500 people signed a petition .”

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vogue, 10 october 2017

“Why Last Night Was Historic In The Pro-Choice Campaign. Last night, at Ealing Town Hall, the local council voted to instate a PSPO for the borough's Marie Stopes clinic.”

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guardian, 11 april 2018

“Ealing’s abortion clinic safe zone is a win – but the fight isn’t over. “With this move, and progress in ireland, 2018 is set to be the biggest in reproductive rights history since 1967,”

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refinery 29, 11 april 2018

“one council has taken a stand against this behaviour, in a new move that will hopefully make women feel safer when they exercise control over their bodies.”

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the pool, 11 october 2017

“Anti-abortion groups dealt a blow as council vows to protect women. Women seeking abortions should be shielded from plastic foetuses and distressing, false information.”

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